ENTRY Bundle - 1 gallon of ENTRY and a 2 gallon Commercial sprayer

ENTRY Bundle - 1 gallon of 
ENTRY and a 2 gallon 
Commercial sprayer



Save money and time when purchasing the Entry® commercial sprayer bundle which includes both a 2 gallon (256 oz.) sprayer and a 1 gallon (128 oz.) jug of Entry®. Sprayer and nozzle are calibrated to achieve the recommended spray pattern of Entry® to maintain snow- and ice-covered entrances between four and eight feet wide making this the ideal sprayer for maintaining entrances of retail stores, offices, schools and large homes. Entry’s proprietary residue-free formulation eliminates the mess and expense of cleaning up ice melt materials inside of homes and buildings. Entry’s clear liquid formulation eliminates the abrasive affect that granular ice melts have on flooring surfaces. Entry’s neutral pH reduces the risk of damage to high value flooring surfaces such as hardwood, tile, granite and marble. Entry’s chloride-free formulation is safer for pets, plants, shoes, metals, concrete and the environment. When used as directed Entry® will melt snow and ice in less than 30 seconds and prevent refreeze to temperatures below O°F/-19°C. One gallon (3.79 liters) of Entry® will provide comparable coverage to 100 pounds (45.36 kg) of traditional ice melt.

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